Welcome to the Louisville Bed and Breakfast Association’s New Blog

Welcome to the Louisville Bed and Breakfast Association’s New Blog

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Welcome to the Louisville Bed & Breakfast Association’s new blog! We are very excited to have this opportunity to chat with you about all the wonderful things you can do here in Louisville. While we are most famous for that first Saturday in May, there are ample opportunities to enjoy a visit throughout the year.

Did you know that Louisville is one of only 11 US cities where all five major cultural institutions are represented? We have the Kentucky Opera, Actors Theatre, The Louisville Ballet, Louisville Orchestra and the Speed Art Museum! There are over 14,000 acres of parks and over 100 miles of bike and hiking paths for the nature enthusiasts. If you are a fan of architecture, you will be amazed by the finest collection of historic homes in America. While exploring the Louisville city limits, don’t miss the opportunity to cross the Ohio River and visit our sister river cities of Jeffersonville and New Albany. Only Norman Rockwell could have painted a prettier picture than the streets of these American gems! Louisville has over 900 restaurants for the food gourmand eating his way across the USA! There are so many things to do in Louisville, “The Possibility City”. In fact, the possibilities are endless!

Just as the city has something to offer for everyone, the Louisville Bed and Breakfast association offers you a fine selection of accommodations to choose from. You will find everything from Victorian elegance to Gothic Revival architecture; from modest well kept homes to majestic mansions; and contemporary styling to early 19th century farmhouse. Don’t let our little skyline fool you! Louisville is fifth in the nation for historic preservation. There is a wealth of architectural treasures waiting for you. Why not spend the night in one instead of a hotel room?

And honestly, after your busy day of exploration or a long day at a convention, what could top off your experience here better than coming ‘home’ to one of the many bed and breakfast inns? Comfort, peace and quiet, and personalized attention become sought after amenities when searching for the ‘perfect’ place to stay. And … guess what? The secret is out! Bed and breakfasts are not just for a weekend or romantic getaway any more. Bed and breakfast are quickly becoming the preferred choice for the travel-weary businessperson and the mid-week traveler. Many offer high-tech, modern amenities such as Fax, Wi-Fi and Cable TV. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you are greeted in the morning to a gourmet breakfast prepared just for you!

Each bed and breakfast is located within close proximity to all attractions. All are within a ten-minute drive to Louisville International Airport and are conveniently located to the downtown area. Most offer mid-week corporate rates and express check in and out. For personalized service, having one point of contact is the best kind of concierge. Instead of ever-changing staff, your host innkeeper will take great interest in assuring your visit is memorable and suited to your particular needs.

Well, thanks for stopping in! We have to get back to work! In case you didn’t know, the Kentucky Derby is May 1st this year. There is no doubt that it is the BEST party in America and takes weeks to get prepared. After all, it can’t ALL be about business, right? There are a few rooms still available, so visit our Members’ Availability Calendar now to reserve your room! You better hurry … they are lining the horses up at the gate!

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