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Business Travelers

As we expand our vast global economy, business travelers are becoming more and more a necessity of life in most organizations. Comfort, peace and quiet and personalized attention become sought after amenities when searching for the “perfect” place to hang one’s hat at the end of a long, hard workday on the road. Hotels and motels with their “cookie cutter” appearances and paper-thin walls are not exactly full of the creature comforts of home for the business traveler.

Bed and Breakfast Inns are quickly becoming the preferred choice for the travel-weary business person. Not just a weekend or romantic getaway anymore, bed and breakfasts are now also catering to the mid-week traveler! Many inns offer high-tech, modern amenities such as fax, modem ports, in-room telephones and cable TV. along with their traditional complimentary beverages and full, gourmet breakfasts.

Louisville’s bed and breakfast inns are all within a ten minute drive of Louisville International Airport and also conveniently located close to the downtown area.

Most offer mid-week corporate rates, express check in and out and personalized service when making your reservations. Instead of dealing with an ever-changing staff, the innkeeper tends to be your one point of contact – and a great concierge!

Whether you’re here for the night, the week, or the long haul, there is a Louisville Inn just right for you. Next time you’re in town, give one of them a call – you’ll be glad you did!