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Welcome to the Louisville Bed and Breakfast Association

Historic Louisville, Kentucky NeighborhoodEnjoy your visit to Louisville, Kentucky, even more by staying in one of our many Bed and Breakfast Inns and Homes! You will find everything from Victorian elegance to Gothic Revival architecture … with locations, personalities and styles for everyone. Antiques, beautiful gardens, gourmet breakfasts, personal touring information and much, much more await you in these historic homes.

Louisville is one of only 11 US cities where all five major cultural institutions are represented. We have the Kentucky Opera, Actors Theatre, The Louisville Ballet, Louisville Orchestra and the Speed Art Museum! There are over 14,000 acres of parks and over 100 miles of bike and hiking paths for the nature enthusiasts. If you are a fan of architecture, you will be amazed by the finest collection of historic homes in America, as Louisville is ranked 5th in the nation for historic preservation.

While exploring the Louisville city limits, don’t miss the opportunity to cross the Ohio River and visit our sister river cities of Jeffersonville, IN and New Albany, IN.

Home of the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby, which is always held the first Saturday in May, is touted as the greatest two minutes in sports. Churchill Down’s Twin Spires, bourbon rich mint juleps, the garland of roses, Pegasus pins, beautiful to outrageous hats, and Kentucky burgoo all are traditions which are part of the Derby experience.

The Louisville Bed and Breakfast Association invites you to come and enjoy the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Derby Festival while staying in one of our bed and breakfasts. The Kentucky Derby Festival kicks off every year with the famous “Thunder Over Louisville” fireworks. There are many events scheduled, but the most famous, next to the fireworks, are the Kentucky Oaks and, of course, the grand finale, the Kentucky Derby!

You can still find a room before the first Saturday in May at one of our fine Louisville Bed and Breakfasts … so come on and stay with us! Check Availability Here

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